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Our philosophy

We believe that our job should go beyond simply dispensing pharmaceuticals.
Thus, we have spent the past year creating a Pharmacy enriched by innovative services, and competent operators, becoming a place where disease prevention, health education, and information meet.

3 % of the annual turnover of the pharmacy is donated to the municipality within which it is located in order to support its municipal services.

Pictured in the photo is the owner of the Municipal Pharmacy Le Fornaci in Marsciani (PG), Dr. Giulio Lattanzi

Services and Initiatives

In order to bring our Pharmacy closer to fulfilling the needs of our users, we have implemented many initiatives:

  • Social baskets
  • Products with special discounts for patients in early childhood
  • Products with special discounts for elderly patients
  • Soybean pasta
  • A range of gluten-free products
  • Initiatives for employees of public administrations
  • Cup reservations
  • Personalised cards
  • A health corner

Umbria News

Furthermore, we decided to open a series of check-ups for the public:

  • Measuring arterial blood pressure
  • Free appointments with a nutritionist
  • Free blood tests (cholesterol-HDL-glucose-triglycerides)
  • Preventative measures for cardiovascular disease
  • Hearing checks
  • Appointments with a podiatrist
  • Phlebology
  • Analyses of hair, skin, and cellulite
  • Dermatological check-ups – for the prevention of melanoma
  • Audiometric check-ups
  • Drilling of the lobes by specialist staff

And other services, such as:

  • Free and accessible Wi-Fi within the Pharmacy
  • Fortnightly newsletter with updates and information
  • Free courses and conferences open to the public
  • Disease-prevention campaigns every three months