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Fillerina 12 Restructuring-Filler Breast Support is an intensive dermo-cosmetic treatment to promote breast tone by firming the supporting tissues, or the “natural bra” that covers and supports the breasts. The concentration of 12 molecules of Hyaluronic Acids, 3 Collagens and 2 Elastins of different molecular weight and 7 Plate-Like molecules is calibrated in such a way as to be able to daily increase the tone and firmness of the skin tissues that cover the breast. The application of Fillerina 12 Restructuring-Filler Breast Support gel is indicated for 15 consecutive days and is completed with Fillerina 12 Restructuring-Filler Breast Support cream.
The formulation is available in a single dosage.

The Intensive Treatment for breast support box contains:
- 15 doses of 3 ml of Filler-Restructuring Gel for home use for breast support
- 50 ml of Breast Support Treatment in Cream
- 1 precision applicator with drip tip cannula (external use)
- 1 spatula

The Continuation Cream is also available in single pack of 100 ml, in single dosage.

Breast support treatment|FILLERINA 12 NEW FORMULA

Amount: 3
Price: 108.00 € 54.00 € -54.00 € -50%