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Fillerina Plumping Mask is an exclusive mask that adheres perfectly to the skin of the entire face excluding the eyes and mouth. The special support in 100% natural cellulose is soaked with the 9 Hyaluronic Acids of Fillerina, 3 Collagens and 2 Elastins with differentiated molecular weight, with a plumping and defining action on the entire oval of the face and with an additional super-hydration action and repair on particularly tired and stressed skin. At the end of the application, the skin will be denser and more compact, the oval of the face more plumped and defined. Ideal as a post-laser treatment.
A pack of Fillerina Plumping Mask contains 4 disposable masks soaked with 25ml of plumping and super-moisturizing solution. It therefore allows a complete course of treatment.

The dosages of Fillerina Plumping Mask, Grade 3, 4 and 5 Plus, contain increasing concentrations of the active ingredients of Fillerina:

Grade 3 Plus: For withered, damaged and fragile skin, with visible tissue sagging and marked micro-relief. Initial loss of definition of the oval of the face.
Grade 4 Plus: For very withered, dry, damaged skin, with evident tissue sagging and particularly marked micro-relief. Accurate loss of definition of the oval of the face.
Grade 5 Plus: For highly dehydrated, stressed, deteriorated skin, with severe tissue sagging and very marked micro-relief. Serious loss of definition of the oval of the face.

FILLERINA PLUMPING MASK 12 HA - Disposable mask with immediate effect

Amount: 12