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Payment methods accepted:

In Europe:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Shipping costs:

Delivery is via express courier, dispatched within 24-48 hours after the purchase (taking one more day for orders made between Friday and Sunday).

Shipping fees will be added to the order total. They will be automatically calculated at the end of the purchase, and will be included in the payment recorded on the invoice.

For delivery outside of Europe, the cost of shipping will be assessed based on the weight of the goods and the city of destination. For more information on delivery rates abroad, contact a farmacialefornaci@gmail.com, specifying in your message the products you wish to purchase and the city to which they are to be delivered. Shipments abroad are processed via insured express courier.

Area 1 - € 22.30 Austria Belgium Germany Luxembourg Holland Slovenia

Area 2 - € 29.00 Bulgaria Denmark Estonia France Great Britain Lithuania Latvia Poland Czech Rep. Spain Sweden Hungary Portugal

Area 3 - € 38.00 Cypro Croatia Finland Greece Ireland Malta Rep. Slovak Romania

Area 4 - € 55.10 Balearic Great Britain Madeira (Portugal)

Area 5 - € 76.90 Corsica

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